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Road health

The health of drivers has been a hot button for years. The dedication it takes to stay fit and healthy in this business is extraordinary.

Oddly enough the stats are not pointing to the fact that truckers are the over eating hamburger devouring people you think they are. Its a combat of lifestyle no different than office jobs, maybe a little worse.

What happens with our bodies when you sit a lot is your metabolism slows down to the point of, almost anything you eat will cause your body to store sugar. We all know what happens then......fat. Start compounding that with years and years of it, its like an investment portfolio compounding but not as cool.

The dedication it takes to be even slightly active with these jobs is crazy. Just about anytime the truck is stopped the drivers need to be out walking around. I was surprised to find some are marathon runners and fitness junkies. They carry mats with them so they can stretch and do push ups.

These jobs require attention to detail to what you eat and how you live like no other. Its no wonder insurance rates for truckers are the highest in the country for every category, Health, disability, and driving. There is a lot of help and guidance on the web for this profession. Start a routine and get after it.

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