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Premier Happenings

We as a company have been continually moving forward due to our awesome customers. Their continued support in us has made it possible to take on more, also offer more in services.

In the last 30 days we updated our telemetrics to Cyntrx in the straight trucks. As soon as we get this down with the operation the sprinters will be next. Much more reliable and user friendly than the old system. We can now give tracking to our customers right down to the mile marker.

The security cameras have been installed in and around the warehouse. Our warehouse customers now have added protection. We have always had a good secure building but it seemed like it was time and the right thing to due.

Looking to the next 30-60 days we have a new straight truck. Not exactly in our possession yet. It has to have the box built and that seems to be the sticking point. The timeline is now uncertain, it was June 12. When we have it in the lot there is no doubt you will hear about it.

For the last 7 years we have had an office set up tied to the warehouse. In the effort of looking around for bigger office space and bigger warehouse, we approached the landlord about our needs. Wouldn't you know there was space on the street that he was willing to build out for us. He was also in the process of rearranging renters in the space of the warehouse so that just about doubled in size for us. This current office will continue to be home for dispatchers and drivers, but Bill, Jenny, and myself will be up front. A storefront with name on the street will be very exciting. A space for meetings and general day to day operations and sales will be awesome. I am hoping we can do a meet and greet with a gathering of customers and friends sometime in August.

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