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Lack of truck parking

The shortage of truck parking is causing some major anxiety in the industry. Drivers are juggling their routes, so as to time a 10hr layover in a safe place with some amenities which is proving to be a difficult task with the number of trucks stopped at one time.

Parking apps are growing by the year to try and help out with pointing drivers to an open spot, but some areas have parking lots that are so small there are really never open spots. With new ELD laws the parking situation is costing drivers money also, in the way of spending too much time looking for spots. The average ELD driver spends 50 mins looking for a parking spot. This is costing them on average $4600 in lost revenue over the year. Some apps are sophisticated enough to have the ability to reserve a spot hours out of arrival giving drivers a secure place to spend the night, I see this feature really taking off. Too bad this wasn't known years more wondering if paper logs were being followed.

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