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Getting the most from your carrier

These are simple suggestions that often get overlooked in the heat of battle during your day.

Don't hesitate to ask your carrier rep. about all the services they offer. Pull them in for logistics help. Your shipping department doesn't have to go it alone, grabbing different carriers like grasping at straws. Carrier reps. are often a good source for help, being on the front lines everyday they see things differently than you do because of the resources they have. Push them to think outside the box and outside their own company. That's a tough one but if they want to keep a good customer they will solve problems. Communication with your carrier is very important.

Seems simple enough but we see it everyday. A call in for 3 pallets and at time of pickup it had grown to 10 pallets without warning. The expectation of above average service starts with above average communication. Likewise if your carrier isn't communicating with you, its time for a talk.

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