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Don't underestimate a good wash

Should you wash regularly?, YES!. Not only for your personal self but your trucks too. Don't stop there, hit you car the same way you do your truck. All of this can be carried forward to daily life.

The first thing the DOT inspector does when he has you open the cab door is look on the floor, seats and next to the sill. Looking for any clues of wrong doing as well as smelling for any wrong doing. Alcohol, pot, burns in the seats, anything that he can sink his teeth into. You as a responsible driver wouldn't anyway, but it's there job. So clean it up!, it's not a big space anyway and since your in it a lot it should be kept up.

With the mobil washes these days they'er pretty economical for keeping the outside clean as well as the engine bay. Since we mentioned engine bay you can spot things going bad in there sooner if it's clean. leaks will stick out like a sore thumb, forcing you to fix things sooner, which could result in something major becoming a minor saving you piles of cash.

Your customers will probably notice as well. If you pick up a new customer because of word of mouth its all worth it. Everyone in town knows who runs clean equipment. It also shows who has their stuff together as a whole. If you take care of your equipment customers know you'll take care of their product and that goes a long way.

Stay clean out there!

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