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Big vs Small

Why should you take the risk in working with that little trucking company? The big one has so many more features.

The big box companies do have some nice features. It seems like you can get almost any price point out of them just so they can earn your business. They go to every state and can haul anything they want to, but they may make it difficult on somethings. Especially these days if you don't fit into there 4x4 pallet spot.

Ever consider the small local carrier? they take you in as part of the family. A whole lot less red tape to go through and those 8'-20' items, well they become a lot user friendly. Flexibility starts to become the name of the game with the small carrier. No they don't go to every state, but may have just the footprint you need for some of your shipments. They will however bend over backwards for you though, because they only work with a handful of customers. You won't get overlooked like the big box carrier that just blew by your shop without even an "I am sorry", they'll try again tomorrow. Give the little guy a try you may be pleasantly surprised at how well they perform. I'll bet if they become that big carrier they won't forget who got them there.

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