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18 Yr Old CDL

This is making quite a stir in the logistics community lately. The new generations look at work a whole new way. They leave jobs on a whim because employers don't fit their value system, not because the job isn't a good fit. Now we need to attract them to a career where their gone traveling all the time. The older generation would say this is what points to a lack of maturity.

Some can knock a job like this out of the park at age 18, some cannot. There are a lot of maturities that happen between 18 and 21. On top of the maturity level, we are asking examiners to step up their game as well. I think this added pressure on them is a little unfair, they spend so little time with an applicant.

I really want to give the benefit of the doubt to the younger workers and see them succeed. They would be able to start a career earlier which is a good thing. Helping ease the pains of an industry now is a good thing. There are good things to be had here. They can go off to the military, obtain pilot licenses, and a number of other things before the age of 21. Drive a 80000# truck making snap decisions?

Maybe if the overall driving record of teens was better, this decision would be easier? It will be interesting to see the outcome. I'll bet more regulation is coming along with this.

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