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Reliable shipping services with exceptional customer service

On time, every time!






How much money is unreliable shipping services costing your company? 


How much time is your staff wasting on babysitting your carriers? 


How many opportunities are you wasting to grow your business because your carrier can't keep up?


When you need to get a shipment intact from point A to point B, can you really trust your carrier 100% to do that? Our customers can. Premier Logistics provides premier shipping services with exceptional customer service. Our customers can sleep at night because we’re dedicated to keeping their trust!

We track shipments in real-time and provide those updates via email. Our highly trained employees show up dressed professionally because you’re paying for a premier service. Every customer feels like we’re working only with them, because that’s the level of service we provide. 


What's urgent on your plate, this week? Are you ready to hand it off to a company that will give you peace of mind?

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Premier Logistics is a local, family-owned company that does things differently because we think differently than your average carrier. Since 2012, we have been serving clients across the country. We are committed to providing reliable service. 

Why partner with Premier?


We pride ourselves on efficiency and transparency - because we know you’re busy! That’s why we keep you up to speed on a need-to-know basis, coordinating everything possible on the front end so you don't have to worry about your shipping partner missing the mark. 


Every single Premier employee wants nothing more than to exceed your expectations and become a reliable extension of YOUR team!



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